Oh Ye Aspiring Artistes!!! “Music Is Not For All” – Read This Article And Thank Me Later [See Here]

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I am not writing this article to discourage anyone about taking music as a career, but instead I am writing this article to enlighten those who have already taken the bold step of faith to be the next Wizkid or 2face. The road to stardom is not a smooth ride. I’m sure every established music star can attest to this. Every child nowadays no longer wants to be a doctor, a lawyer or even an astronaut. Music has become every child’s dream and due to this recent trend there have been an increase of school drop outs. The education system is dwindling and it’s having a negative effect on the economy because children of nowadays don’t value education anymore.

Lets’ transport our minds back to the good old
days of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, when we had
great musicians like Ebenezer Obey, Fela
Anikulapo Kuti, Orlando Owoh, King Sunny
Ade, Sir Victor Uwaifo, Majek Fashek, Bobby
Benson and a host of other great talented musicians. Music back then wasn’t congested;
there were only a few spirited and talented
ones who were able to pursue their dreams.
Education was key then and those who
wanted to become a musician started as an
apprentice under a well-known artiste or band. These musicians were well tutored
because they performed and played with live
band making them a complete musician.

The little few who ventured into music in those
days made it big and where recognised across
the shores of the country. These artiste where
courageous in spite of the demoralisation of
anything art and most of them are recognised
as legends today. How many of our artiste today in the next 20 years’ can be called a
legend that impacted in the lives of people. If
you ask me I would say very few artistes can fit into the shoe of been called a legend.

This goes out to every artiste out there who
because were choristers in their churches feel
music is the right path to take. It’s become a
cliché to hear artiste these days say in interviews that they have always been a
musician right from the age of 12 singing in their church or school. Being a good chorister
does not make you a professional musician.
Also having a very good voice does not make
you a musician. Being a musician as a
profession involves more than just knowing
how to sing or a having a good voice. There is what we call the total package and only a very
few Nigerian artiste have it. There are some
musicians who need to leave music alone and
go back to wearing robes and singing on the
alter. Music as a profession is not meant for all.

It’s not far-fetched why we have a lot of
upcoming artiste who would never make it
pass going to free shows and submitting their
records to deejays and still won’t be known
maybe just their streets and neighbourhood.
The answer is right in front of them. Every up and coming artiste wants to be Wizkid or
sound like Wizkid. There can only be one
Wizkid, another is just a counterfeit. Upcoming
artiste should learn to be creative in their lyrics,
dressing, performance and should have an
identity of their own. From my observation I have come to realise that everywhere year that
passes by we only get to see no more than 3
upcoming artistes who manage to cross from
obscurity to stardom.

Music is not a do or die affair, neither is it a
game of chess. Many go into music as their only way out to poverty or joblessness. But whether you want to venture into music as a carrier I employ you to first complete your education so that you’ll have a backup plan should in case you later realise that music is not your calling and you have already exhausted all your resources and time. Your certificate can still bail you out and if you are lucky you might still get a good job to finance your music career if you still haven’t given up on becoming a musician.

I rest my case with this closing remark; one
man’s meal is another man’s poison. Because
your friend or brother has made it big in music
doesn’t mean you can also make it big. Find
your calling and leave music alone to the
professionals and gifted one’s. Music is not meant for all.



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