True or False? 8 Things That Happens When A Young Nigerian Buys First Car

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One of the topmost goal for every Nigerian be it male or female is to stop taking public transports – at least most of the time.

Most yearn to buy a car by the time they have that million in their account. But what are the things that happen when the car finally arrive?

A discussion on Nairaland states these are the 8 things that happen!

1. Owning a car makes you feel like you’re finally a real person . You can just go to places whenever you feel like it . You don’t need to ask anyone, or wait for a bus, or jump okada or walk. You can just drive there. In your own car.

2. You have a long list of new contacts in your phone. for example, Wale mechanic, Tunji panelbeater, Seun rewire

3. Cars are expensive . The gas, you were ready for. The payments, you budgeted for. But when you own a car, one day it will start doing something funny—and not funny ha-ha—and you’ll realize that it’s your problem, because it’s your car. When the mechanic calls to tell you what’s wrong and what it will cost to fix, you’ll realize that you’ve now entered a stage of life where large sums of money will suddenly and without warning be required to simply maintain your current standard of living.

4. You’ll always want to go out even when there is no where to go to.

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