Wizkid Calls The Weeknd a Fraud For Naming His Album “Starboy”

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Wizkid rocking a Starboy necklace

Multi-award winning Canadian singer The Weeknd is set to dominate the rest of the year by taking off his iconic dreads for a low cut.

The singer has also announced a new album which he titled STARBOY, a name that has been synonymous with Wizkid for nearly 3 years.

Reacting to the development, Wizkid labeled the former OVO signee a FRAUD NIGGA on Twitter, although he has deleted the tweet

Initially Wizkid said everybody is a star so The Weeknd can use the name if he pleases.

We are putting close eye on developments. Could a Wizkid x Weeknd beef put Wizkid into bigger limelight in America?



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