Ycee Vs Dremo: Who Is The King Of Trap Music In Nigeria

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Trap music is still a fresh and untapped genre in Nigeria with very few artistes attempting to go into the fast paced and pitch-down vocal genre of music which originated during the 1990s from Southern hip hop in the Southern United States. The characteristics of the music which involves the dealing of hard drugs, violence, street life and poverty could be a deterrent to our Nigerian artistes considering our culture and tradition.

Dremo and Ycee are setting the pace for other rappers who have interest in Trap Music to follow. I might have digressed from the nitty-gritty of the subject matter of our discussion
which is about finding out who should be crowned the King of Trap Music in Nigeria between Ycee and Dremo. Taking a look at their style of rap you can easily deduce who should be crowned King.

Ycee is witty with his punch lines but lacks good lyrical content. If you have listened to Ycee’s rap you would agree with me that in the course of sticking to the true essence of Trap music he sometimes deviates and infuses some other elements to commercialize his music. There is nothing wrong with that so long as he gives his fans what they want to hear. His songs “Jagaban”, “Omo Alhaji” and “Sumi” are all very good songs with a commercial feel that people can easily connect with. He is a definitely the new school of hip hop music in Nigeria.

Dremo on the other hand has a very rich undiluted Trap sound with better lyrical content. In comparison between the two rappers, Dremo gives it 100% without deviating from rapping to singing. They are both very good but one is better than the
other. Dremo has just a few songs out there like ‘Ojere‘ but he has been able to prove that he is no fluke and he is ready to give other rappers a run for their money. His songs are deep and entertaining for all real hip hop heads.

From my own perspective I think Dremo in some few months’ time would blossom and shock the world that he is the future of Nigerian Trap and Rap music. Within a short period he has been able to carve a niche for himself and achieve so much which means he still has a lot in stock for us in the coming months. To this effect I bestowed the crown to Dremo as Nigeria’s King of Trap Music.

Hope you had a nice time reading this written article. If you think my judgement is biased or you have an opinion to share, feel free to drop your comments below we would love to hear from you.



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